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Leading Tae Kwon Do Training center In Brooklyn Area

New York City Tae Kwon Do is a leading Tae Kwon Do Training center that helps practitioners enjoy top quality martial arts with confidence. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the Tae Kwon Do school is dedicated to serve the needs of practitioners, ensuring wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Our Martial Arts classes help practitioners enjoy physical & mental discipline providing excellent fitness. Whether you are looking for Martial arts training, self defense workout, Tae Kwon Do or any other form of self-defense class, we have a customized program to suit your individual needs.

We follow a globally proven professional Martial Arts training module with state-of-the-art infrastructure to help members achieve individual potential. Our specially designed, dynamic training program offers a blend of individual training, state of the art small group classes, support and guidance. Our popular Martial Arts classes bring an amazing combination of martial arts instruction, life skills, self defense courses, team work and lots of fun.

Our Outstanding Programs Include

The World Taekwondo Federation. WTF, holds many competitions throughout the world

Martial Arts

Come and experience Self-defense class in a friendly, safe and fun-filled environment with expert Martial arts instructors...

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Tae Kwon Do

The Taekwondo Classes are deliberated on various dimensions of training especially highlighting the adult self-defense and beyond...

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Self defense workout

In Taekwondo Classes, the self defense guidance includes How, when and where to strike the attacker, what to do from the floor...

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So, If you are interested in trying taekwondo, learning something from a different culture for self defense, come and get yourself registered!

Our classes bring you multiple benefits including self-control, perseverance and a stamina of developing an indomitable spirit. Our classes will help you tone your body, lower the stress followed by self-defense skills.

Training at New York City Tae Kwon Do is always fun. Come and experience Self-defense class in a friendly, safe and fun-filled environment with expert Martial arts instructors. With years of experience in the industry, our trainers impart teachings of varied types to produce an expert and experienced martial artist.

Most of our students have taken their training to the next level with competition, winning awards & Accolades. Our mixed martial arts programs are intense strength building cardio workout which blends some effective techniques.

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